Eagle Updates

Eagle Document Manager

The Eagle Document Management System (DMS) has been in operation for over 8 years and has gradually evolved into an integrated part of our service offering.  We are pleased to announce that this will be available to business owners shortly with the release of a quick reference guide (QRG) and explanation of what each document library means and an over view of the Eagle DMS strategy.

Financial Year End

Another financial year is drawing to a close and we have updated the year end process and will be releasing an interactive Eagle checklist in the next two weeks.  For retailers now is a good time to start working your stock taking strategy and database cleanse procedures. 

Eagle Hardware Upgrades 

Over the next three weeks we will be upgrading various hardware components of Eagle.  This will occur during downtime on weekends and after 9pm in most cases.  While we don't expect this will impact the user base and advance notice will be sent on the day.

Posted 16-04-2018.